JI Fang

Dec 27, 2019

Assistant Professor  

Educational Background

2013. 9 - 2018. 7           Ph.D., Peking University Law School

2009. 9 - 2013. 7           LL.B., Peking University Law School

Work Experience  

2017. 9 -  Present           Assistant Professor, Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, China University of Political Science and Law

Research Interests

Contract Law

E-Commerce Law

Corporation Law

Courses Taught

General Theory to Commercial Law

Corporation Law

E-Commerce Law


Councilman, Beijing Bank Law Society

Member, China Commercial Law Society

Lawyer, Beijing Zhong Yin Law Firm

Honors and Awards

The 3rd Prize of the Autumn Forum of Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, CUPL in 2019

Representative Publications


Juristic Study by the Wei Ming Lake, Contemporary China Publishing House, 2017.


1. Research on the Legislation Model of Specific Performance, Legal Forum, No.6, 2020;

2. Study on the Sequence of Specific Performance in Multiple Sale of Property: Analysis of the Relevant Judicial Interpretations, Law Science Magazine, No. 12, 2018;

3. Research and Analysis on Excessively High Expenses of Performance in China, Tribune of Political Science and Law, No. 6, 2016;

4. Analysis on the Judgment of a False Steel Trading Case, Journal of Law Application, No.14, 2017;

5. Research on the Division of Estate in Divorce Disputes in the context of Rule Conflicts, HeBei Law Science Journal, No.9, 2017;

6. The Remedies for the Victims of the Invalid Compulsory Traffic Accident Liability Insurance Contract, HeBei Law Science Journal, No.10, 2014;

7. Study on the Bona Fide Acquisition of Property Possessed Out of Entrust -Analysis on the Article 107 of Property Law of PRC, HeNan Social Sciences, No.10, 2014;

8. Prohibition of Torture as a Non-derogable Principle of International Law - A Review of U.S. Policy on Torture after 9·11, Global Law Review, No. 5, 2014.