Dec 27, 2019

Associate Professor

Wang Yang, LLB, LLM(CASS), PhD(CUPL), Postdoc(RUC), is Associate Professor of Law at Civil, Commercial & Economic Law School, China University of Political Science and Law. Her main research fields include financial law, commercial law and civil law. She was awarded Ministry of Justice of PRC Award for Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements during the Ninth Five-Year Plan Period and Qian Duansheng Law Research Achievement Award. She offers degree courses in commercial law for undergraduate and graduate students.

Wang Yang is the author of a number of pieces of academic writing, including: The law of Financial Derivatives: Focus on Over-the-Counter Derivatives Markets, Qunzhong press, On the general theory and basic institution of anti-monopoly, China Legal Science; the Theory of Causation in Tort Law, civil and commercial law review; Legal Issues concerning Prohibition of Insider Trading, Chinese Journal of Law; Legal Analysis of Repurchase Market in StockExchange of China, Global Law Review.