ZHAO Xudong

Dec 27, 2019


Chairman of the China Commercial Law Society

Professor Zhao is currently the second-grade professor, doctoral supervisor and director of Commercial Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law. He is also the president of Commercial Law Institute of China Law Society. He served as Deputy Director-General of the Civil Administrative Procuratorial Office of the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

His main research fields include civil law, commercial law, company law, contract law and foreign investment law. Since 1985, he has been committed to the study of civil and commercial law. He has written more than 20 academic works, such as “Corporate Legal Form” ,“Legal person System”, “Corporate Law”,“ Electronic Commerce Law”,“ Chinese Commercial Legal System”, and published more than hundred articles on various magazines such as "Chinese Social Science", "Legal Studies", "Chinese Law", "Political law Forum".

He serves as the president of China Law Society, member of the Academic Committee of China Law Society, and vice president of Corporate Governance Research Society of China Behavior Law Society. Since 1999, be was awarded the Outstanding young and middle-aged jurist in Beijing; The third National Top ten Outstanding young and middle-aged jurists; Excellent Teacher of Beijing; In 2007, he was appointed “Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor" by the Ministry of Education; New Century Excellent talents of the Ministry of Education; In 2005, he was selected into “Chinese Contemporary Law Masters"; In 2016, he was selected as “China's Rule of Law -- One hundred Famous Jurists with Outstanding Contributions"; In 2018, he was awarded the National “Ten Thousand Talent Program "renowned teacher; In 2019, he was awarded the Special allowance expert of The State Council. Chief editor and founder of the “Company Law Review”, a professional company law journal published by the People's Court Press.

He has twice served as the chief expert of National Social Science Fund Major Programs, and presided over dozens of national and provincial projects; Member of the Expert Group on amendment of Company Law in 2005. He was also a member of the leading group and one of the leaders of the project on civil Code codification of China Law Society; Since 2019,He is a member of the expert group on the new round of Company Law amendment.