WANG Yumei

Dec 27, 2019


Professor Wang graduated from CUPL with a bachelor’s degree of law, a master’s degree and a doctor’s degree of economic law in 1984, 1991 and 1999 respectively. From 1996 to 1997, she practiced in Law Offices of Y.C. Lee in Hong Kong. During 2001 to 2002, she has been a visiting scholar of the first university of Paris in France and obtained her another master's degree in law.

She is vice president of the Aging Law Branch of China Law Society, director of the Sports Law Research Association of the China law society, special inspector of the National Supervisory Commission, special supervisor of the Ministry of education, expert advisory member of the Beijing Municipal Government on optimizing business environment, deputy to the Beijing Municipal People's Congress and member of the Rural Committee, and vice chairman of the Haidian District Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (not resident). Besides, she works at China Democratic National Construction Association (CDNCA) and is member of the Central Committee, member of the Beijing Standing Committee and the chairman of Haidian District Committee of CDNCA.

Her main professional fields are company law, contract law, bankruptcy law and foreign investment law. She has published more than 20 academic papers and monographs named Research on the Legal System of Foreign Direct Investment in China, Legal Theory and Practice of Farmers' Professional Cooperatives, From Farmers to Shareholders - Research on the Basic Legal Issues of Rural Community Joint Stock Cooperatives, etc. In terms of teaching materials of jurisprudence, she authored Contract Law, and co-authored many books such as Introduction to Economic Law, Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Law. What’s more, she has presided over a number of research projects, such as "Anti-Monopoly Regulation on Patent Abuse" and "Legal Theory and Practice of Farmers' Professional Cooperatives in China".