GUAN Xiaofeng

Dec 27, 2019


Ph.D. supervisor

Dr. Guan graduated from the Department of Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law in 1983, was promoted to associate professor in 1993, and to professor in 1998. His main teaching and research fields are the Company Law and the Financial Law System, and he has profound insight into the role of the articles of association in companies and the risk prevention mechanism of enterprises. He has written 6 works on commercial law, financial law and contract law with 1.7 million words and 3 works independently with 1.19 million words. Since his promotion to professor, Dr. Guan has published 2 papers in authoritative journals, 25 papers in core journals and 32 papers in other journals. His main part-time jobs include:

1. Director of the Center of Banking Law, China University of Political Science and Law

2. Deputy chairman of the China Insurance Law Research Association

3. Executive member of the China Commercial Law Research Association