Dec 27, 2019

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Supervisor

Educational Background

2017. 1 - 2019. 7      Post Doctorate, Renmin University of China Law School

2010. 9 - 2013. 7      Ph.D. in Law, China University of Political Science and Law

2008. 9 - 2010. 7      LL.M., China University of Political Science and Law

2004. 9 - 2008. 7      LL.B., Northwest University of Political Science and Law

Work Experience

2019. 7 - Present      Associate Professor, Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, China University of Political Science and Law

2013. 9 - 2019.7      Associate Professor, Henan University of Economic and Law

Research Interests

Commercial Law

Civil Law

Financial Law

Courses Taught

Commercial Law

Securities Law

External Exchange

2012. 7 - 2013. 6      Fulbright Research Scholar

2012. 7 - 2012. 12    Visiting Scholar of Wayne State University Law School


Deputy Secretary-general, Beijing Banking Law Society

Director, China Banking Law Society

Director, China Securities Law Society

Executive Director, International Institute of Banking Law and Practice


Chinese & English

Contact Information

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Representative Publications


1. Legal Issues of Independent Guarantees, CUPL Press, 2015.

2. Specific Legal Issues of Letters of Credit, CUPL Press, 2015

3. A New Study of Financial Law, CUPL Press, 2015.

4. Handbook for Commercial Law, CUPL Press, 2009.


On the Regulation Relaxion of Shareholders’ Contribution Form, 2020(10)

The Legal Basis of Trust Receipt, Legal Science, 2019(3)

Defining Independent Guarantees, Tsinghua University Law Journal, 2016(1)

The Legal Investor Protection in the Crowd-funding, Academic Journal of Zhongzhou, 2016(5)

The Functional Evolution of the Supreme People’s Court in P.R.C., Southeast Justice Review, 2016.

The Limits of Abstract of Commercial Rules in General Principles of Civil Law in China, Contemporary Law Review 2016(3).

The Jurisprudence Structure of Independent Guarantee: Also on the Construction of the System of Independent Guarantees in China Civil Code, Global Law Review, 2016(2)

The Development and Reflections of the Rules of Standby Letters of Credit in the United States, Journal of HUEL, 2016(2)

On the Legal Issues of Technical Protection Measures: Paths and Exceptions, Publishing Journal, 2016(1)

On the Judging of Independent Guarantees: Difficulties and Path, Law Science Magazine, 2015(10).

On the Documentary Rules of Independent Guarantees, Northern Law Science, 2015(5).

On the Teaching of the Ideas of Commercial Law Under the Background of Dogmatic of Law, Citizen and Law, 2015(4).

The Legal Structure of Financial Information Protection in the age of Big Data, Academic Journal of Zhongzhou, 2015(3)

Categorization of Fraud Exception in the Law of Independent Guarantee: Commentary on the Draft of the Relevant Judicial Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court of P.R.C, Journal of Comparative Law, 2014(5)

Research Projects

2016 -              Principal, Reform of the Law of Secured Transactions in China

2015 -              Principal, The Theoretical Issues of Independent Guarantee

2014 - 2016     Principal, The Legal Structure of Secured Transaction

2012 - 2014    Investigator, Legal Issues of Internet Copyright

2012 - 2013    Investigator, Legal Issues of Venture Capital Fund

2011 - 2012    Investigator, Legal Issues of Independent Guarantee