There are 2629 full-time students, including 1647 undergraduates and 982 graduate students in the Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School (CCELS). The school attaches great importance to a rigorous academic atmosphere, focusing on cultivating the spirit of innovation and practical ability. CCELS organizes many activities for its students, such as “Jiang Ping Scholarship Competition”, “Famous Professors’ Forum”, “CCELS’s Pride”, “Exploration” academic paper competition, “Ming Fa Forum”, and “Reading a Book, Reading the World Forum”, etc.

CCELS lays equal emphasis on education, management and services, and highlights the importance of problem-solving abilities both mentally and practically. A five-dimensional Grant-in-aid Mechanism of “scholarship, loan, stipend, subsidy and work-study program” was formed to support students with financial difficulties. Some special scholarships and grants were established, such as the “Korean Shin & Kim Law Firm Scholarship”, “Hunan Sunpeak Group Scholarship”, “Alpha & Leader Scholarship”, “Lehman Law Firm Scholarship” and so on and so forth. The employment situation has been excellent over the years. Most graduates are able to secure jobs in various levels of government, public security organs, prosecutors’ offices, people's courts and law firms; some students have been admitted to prestigious universities at home and abroad for further studies.