An Introduction to the Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School

The Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School (CCELS), China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) was founded in June 2002. Prior to that, it was known as the Department of Economic Law. CCELS now offers six doctoral programs and master programs, which include civil and commercial law, economic law, intellectual property law, environmental and resources law, civil procedure law, and social law. All of these programs have been recognized as China’s National Key Disciplines. Furthermore, there are eight institutes which cover civil law, commercial law, economic law, civil procedure law, environmental and resources law, intellectual property law, fiscal, tax and financial law as well as social law. In addition, the school hosts 25 self-funded research institutes.

The school has 148 high-level faculty and staff-members, including 129 full-time academic faculty, 64 professors (one lifetime professor and two Level II professors), 61 associate professors and 19 assistant professors. There are 32 full-time PhD supervisors, 112 full-time master supervisors, and one nationally distinguished teacher. There are two young scholars who were honored as among of the “Ten Outstanding Middle-Age Jurists” in China, seven prominent teachers who have participated in the “New Century Talents Project”, one leading talent listed in the National Plan of Philosophy of Social Science, seven awarded as “New Century Talents” by the Ministry of Education of China, three scholars who won the “Baogang Teaching Award”, and three scholars awarded as “Outstanding Teachers in Beijing”.

In teaching and research, the CCELS adopts the principle of “facing economic development and serving legal professions", focus on both fundamental research and applied studies, and undertakes interdisciplinary studies. The school has been gradually developing its advantages, characteristics and styles. It is one of the best law schools in China.

The school offers 121 law courses, which include two national elite courses, three provincial-level elite courses. The School has undertaken six Major National Social Science Foundation Projects and hundreds of other projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation, provincial and ministerial governments, and overseas international cooperative partners. CCELS publishes nearly 100 papers on leading journals per year. CCELS faculties have won many provincial and ministerial scientific research awards. Institutes within the CCELS have also participated in the law making process at the national level, and provided consultation services at various levels.

There are 2629 full-time students, including 1647 undergraduates and 982 graduate students in the school. The school attaches great importance to a rigorous academic atmosphere, focusing on cultivating the spirit of innovation and practical ability. CCELS organizes many activities for its students, such as “Jiang Ping Scholarship Competition”, “Famous Professors’ Forum”, “CCELS’s Pride”, “Exploration” academic paper competition, “Ming Fa Forum”, and “Reading a Book, Reading the World Forum”, etc.

CCELS lays equal emphasis on education, management and services, and highlights the importance of problem-solving abilities both mentally and practically. A five-dimensional Grant-in-aid Mechanism of “scholarship, loan, stipend, subsidy and work-study program” was formed to support students with financial difficulties. Some special scholarships and grants were established, such as the “Korean Shin & Kim Law Firm Scholarship”, “Hunan Sunpeak Group Scholarship”, “Alpha & Leader Scholarship”, “Lehman Law Firm Scholarship” and so on and so forth. The employment situation has been excellent over the years. Most graduates are able to secure jobs in various levels of government, public security organs, prosecutors’ offices, people's courts and law firms; some students have been admitted to prestigious universities at home and abroad for further studies.

The school has established partnerships with UC Davis School of Law, the Faculty of Law and Finance at the University of Frankfurt, Germany, and the School of Law at the University of Cologne. Every year, 15 international teachers come to CCELS to teach and CCELS now are offers 23 international courses.

Under the motto of “pursuing knowledge and cultivating character to contribute to the society and serve the people”, the school aims at developing first-class disciplines, building a first-class team, accomplishing first-class achievements and cultivating first-class talents. The school follows the philosophy of academic research, talent cultivation and harmonious relationship for a stronger and prosperous CCELS; and through constantly reform and innovation, CCELS strives to cultivate elite talents who are academic professionals, self-cultivating, savvy and gracious.